This is just another personal web-site (duh!)
and my name is Ighor!

Let’s not spend much of your time here.

So, long history short: Born in 1981. Around 1988 got my first computer (called “CP-500” from Prologica, CPU based TRS-80).
Since then, I felt in love and I’m fully immersed in the computers world.

Suddenly, I was programming with BASIC. If you dont believe, that is fine, but that is the true. And below is one proof of it, and maybe the most important gifts I ever received (from my mom).

She gave to me this book: “Basic Para Crianças dos 8 aos 80” (in english: Basic for children, from 8 to 80) first release in 83.. Yeah, I can imagine what you’re thinking.. Thanks Mom!!!

Also, I was very lucky to born with a Telecom Engineer father, who provided Internet access since 1995 (Recall my first webpage was Netscape).

Forgot to mention few years before Internet, dialed connections into the “Ciranda Project”, which was the first wide computer network in Brazil, followed by the BBS (bulletin board system) til 94/95.

Finally, nowadays I work as a Systems Engeneer most of the time with CTI (Computer and telephony integration). Still have some personal parallel projects with PHP/C and some other languages.

If you want to contact me, please feel free to write: igtoth@gmail.com  or ighor@ighor.com

Hobby: Volkswagen old Beetles!